LMD/Studio x Parts Of Four Home

For the past 14 years, Lukas Machnik has utilized his namesake design firm, Lukas Machnik Design, as a platform for transverse creative activity. Using minimalism as an aesthetic reference point, Machnik moves beyond the traditionalist philosophy of interior design, and approaches projects with a curatorial sensibility. This is the school of thought from which LMD studio was conceived.


Since its inception in the Spring of 2014, LMD studio has aimed to stimulate and facilitate dialogue in contemporary minimalist design. Premiering his “Monument” furniture collection three years prior, Machnik has since had the opportunity to represent and collaborate with his contemporaries: Rick Owens, Michèle Lamy, Parts of 4, and Lonney White III, among others.


After laying foundation for his gallery, Machnik embarked on his newest endeavor: Parts of Four Home (P4H), a home collection in collaboration with Parts of Four. Founded by designer, sculptor, installation artist and long-time Rick Owens collaborator Evan Sugerman, Parts of Four is a handmade jewelry line specializing in the carving, fusing, and treatment of minerals, silver, bone, and other organic materials.


Machnik and Sugerman’s first collection features massive Brazilian quartz crystals that are embedded into sculptural steel and bronze fixtures, and internally illuminated with hidden LEDs.

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