Tagliovivo is a Italian label which was founded in 2012, that produces handmade bags, accessories and ready to wear jackets that come with a contemporary and artisanal train of thought. Giordano Lapegna, the brand’s Creative Director, explained the background of his emerging label during Paris Fashion Week in his conceptual showroom.


For instance; Tagliovivo in Italian means raw cut. This concept perfectly expresses the identity of the label namely, traditional crafting methods to achieve the highest standards of quality and durability in their products. Every single bag is therefor handcut and the materials are carefully chosen in order to make the products look even more beautiful the more you’re use it.


The materials Giordano manly uses are mostly different kinds of leather and metal in order to create his collection. All of the manufacturing processes are done in Italy by craftsmen who are well-know for their experience in leather production industry.


The leather products are vegetable tanned and even the stitching is done by hand. In each part of his collection there are signs of rawness. Every imperfection of the animal such as original signs and scars are kept visible on the bags in order to maintain that natural characteristic look and feel.


Giordano quotes that he doesn’t want to reject something that was part of the animal’s life, for him it’s a form of respect of to the living creatures they’ve once been. This rough leather also reminds him of the nature and the wild life and he wants his bags as close as possible to obtain a natural appearance.


The second important characteristic of Tagliovivo’s bags are the use of different kind of metals. Most belt buckles Giordano uses are rings that came from ancient wrought iron chains dating back from the second half of the nineteenth century. These chains were used in Italy to keep the pots steady when they were set between the burning flames at the fireplace.


Lapping saw the beauty of rawness in these chains and came with a concept to combine these iron chains with his bags. Beside the iron, Tagliovivo recently introduced aluminum in their collection in order to create the perfect contrast between the rough leather and a shining bright metal look.


For their upcoming Fall/winter 2016-17 Collection, Tagliovivo introduces for the first time a ready to wear collection of leather jackets. This enlargement in his established bags and accessories collection could be defined as a modern interpretation of classic jackets.


All of the leather jackets are equipped with Giordano’s personal touches such as handcrafted and stichted, vegetable tanned and fully produced in Italy. This new collection of jackets could be a retranslation of the classic biker culture from the 70’s and one of the classic denim jackets from the 90’s. History tends to repeat itself—and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty and fashion world.


Fashion is cyclical and trends always come back. Sometimes you can find your source of inspiration and also motivation in concepts or designs of the past. Take a look at some of the imagery below and share your thoughts with others online. More of Tagliovivo’s collection of leather jackets will soon be published on our online magazine.

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