A1923 is the creative project of the self-taught shoemaker Simone Cecchetto. Conceived as an open study on leather and primal materials, A1923 explores traditional crafting methods rooted in the Italian cordwaining tradition.


Cecchetto and his small team of craftsmen construct every shoe by hand and source and tan their own leather, distinguishing A1923 as one of the most authentic artisanal leather brand of today. With also art studies as a background, Simone Cecchetto finds his biggest source of inspiration in art, photography and whatever it surrounds him.


For this Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection we’ve had the opportunity to showcase the collection of A1923 which has been showcased during Paris Men’s Fashion Week at the labels temporary showroom in the city of Paris. Take a look at some of the imagery we’ve shot and share your thoughts with others online!

a1923-fw-showroom-11 a1923-fw-showroom-10 a1923-fw-showroom-9 a1923-fw-showroom-12 a1923-fw-showroom-7 a1923-fw-showroom-6 a1923-fw-showroom-5 a1923-fw-showroom-4 a1923-fw-showroom-3 a1923-fw-showroom-2 a1923-fw-showroom-1

Images by: Mas Sawahata