The label name ‘Chaos From Undermind‘ with designers Young Jae Cho and Ho Jin Jung, was inspired by human being’s inner darkness. They started their first collection back in 2014 considering it’s 2014-15 Autumn/Winter Collection which was based on dark avant-garde with asian inspired moods.


Their latest 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection Fugacious was inspired by Korean traditional costumes and reinterpreted the asian mood which the label itself has been aiming for. The collection will soon be available at The Unconventional so stay up to date for more information. In the meantime take a look at the imagery below and share your thoughts with others.

chaos-from-undermind-aw16-2 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-3 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-4 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-5 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-6 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-7 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-8 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-9 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-10 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-11 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-12 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-13 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-14 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-15 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-16 chaos-from-undermind-aw16-17

Photography: Young Bae Kim
Make-Up: Shi Hwa Kim
Art Direction:
 Chaos From Undermind