Aumorfia Designer Theano Ravazoula-Potamianos

Passion and craftsmanship should require much more attention in this world and therefor we’ve set up an concise interview with designer Theano Ravazoula-Potamianos from Aumorfia

The handmade leather Aumorfia garments are identified by clear lines, sharp cuts, smooth surfaces and unique synthesis. Aumorfia’s items attempt to be a part of the body, of human motion, an extension of clothes.

What defines the general aesthetic of the Label?

Our first principle is to approach leather accessorizing in a minimal, architectural way. Clear geometric lines, sharp cut edges, minimum stitches or joints. We want the final result to reflect elegance and sophistication and not the typical S&M character that usually stems from leather accessories.


How did the label and collection come to birth?

The label emerged naturally as a personal need to create something attached to the body. As an interior and graphic designer, my designs usually remain at the place that they were designed for. I wanted to design products that could move with their owner, be a part of an all-day outfit. By extension, the goal was to connect design with fashion.


What kind of message or story do you want give/tell, throughout the collection(s)?

The story here is to give an alternative aspect of leather manipulation/handling. The idea behind every collection is to develop pieces that release an aura of simplicity despite their manifold design process. Pieces that could adjust to clothes and transform or upgrade them, according to the creativity of their owner. That’s why most of Aumorfia’s accessories have more than one ways of wearing. So, our message is “be creative, use your imagination, you hold a garment that you can play with and make it your personal statement”!


What was the inspiration behind the collection?

The inspiration is coming from a lot of areas. Shapes from abstract art, geometry from architecture, forms from fashion design, volumes from nature, mood from music.


Where are you guys based?

We are based in Greece where all our products are designed and produced in our two workshops/studios. One in Athens for the winter season and one in the Ionian Islands for the summer. Also, our basic materials, like leather and metal studs are manufactured in Greece by small family businesses with real craftsmanship.

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